If this is your first visit to my site may i wish you a warm welcome and hope that you enjoy your stay and what i have to offer.

My name is Erika Ridley and a Lifestyle Fetishist.

Some people refer to me as being a TILF (Tranny I’d like to F**K) or a TRAP. The meaning of which is “A pre-op transwoman who is both passable and hot. The kind that, when you find she’s packing heat, you just don’t care”

Growing up as a boy I always knew I was different. With my mother’s eyes & feminine features I was always a bit of a loner and found solace in my own thoughts and discovered a desire to dress as a girl. Like many others I had my ups as well as my downs but in the end i always came back to doing what it is that I do best.

I would describe myself as tolerant, happy and open minded. At the same time I am eccentric, moody and I sometimes like to dominate. Do not get me wrong though, I am NOT a professional mistress.

First and foremost i’m a Lifestyle Fetishist, in so much as i enjoy my fetish pretty much all the time. As well as making Fetish related movies i’m highly regarded as one of the hottest and most erotic Fetish TGirl’s on the planet.

I adore dressing for pleasure & modelling. The two go hand in hand as i get a real buzz from eager eyes and the click click of the camera.

I’m told by a good number of photographers that i’m a Photographers dream. I know I have a feeling for the camera, where to position myself and have experience in Catwalk, Studio & Location shoots.

I adore exclusive, extravagant feminine fashion in the form of Latex Couture, Tight laced Corsets and the highest & finest single sole High Heeled Shoes & Boots.

I’ve been into Latex since my 20’s and have amassed a rather large collection of latex wear from Thigh boots and Stockings through to Corsets, Dresses, Skirts and Catsuits. My favorite colours are Black, Purple and Red; the mix of Black to either colour is visually stunning.

Latex for me isn’t just about the look, but more the feel. I love to wear latex on a warm sunny day. 20 to 25 deg C is sheer bliss and is not just the splish-splosh but more the general well being of how it makes me feel.

As I mentioned earlier High heel shoes and boots are another passion of mine and to date i have in excess of 20 pairs of quality leather 6″ & 7″ high stiletto’s and around 8 pairs of boots in various styles and materials.

I began tight lacing almost at the same time as i discovered latex and currently possess around 15 corsets in Rubber, Leather & PVC. I lace down to between 24 and 22 inches.

If you’re an Artist, Photographer or Promoter and appreciate what i do, please get in touch